Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now with more feet....

Remember that chicken I bought last week? It is in my oven right now. and um it has FEET. still attached (well not anymore, I chopped them off). Have you ever seen a chicken with feet? The feet look like baby fingers. Long wrinkly, crypyt keeper baby fingers.
I didn't think I was all that squemish in terms of food, but there was a chicken with FEET on my counter not 10 minutes ago. FEET. with TOENAILS!

In other nonfeet related news; our meat arrived late last week. Ever wonder what 20 lbs of meat looks like? well wonder no more.
My favorite item? The HOT Italian Sausage. I don't even like sausage but the name makes me giggle.


Mary said...

Yikes! The chicken feet would totally freak me out, too. haha

regina said...

they were al tucked in and hidden. when i went to pull out the innards they flopped out like the chicken was trying to grab me, I admit to yelping a little