Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Readings and watchings

In anticipation of the April 4th start of the 100 mile diet I am reading some books that deal with local eating and cooking. As I finish them I'll post my reactions and thoughts on them.

then I'm going to read The Locavore Way-Amy Cotler
and as a response to this I am reading Just Food:where locavores get it wrong if my library has it.

These are what are currently sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to finish Breaking Dawn. Yes the local eating books are preempted by bad teen vampire novels.

and lets not forget that this whole thing started because I watched The 100 Mile Challenge
and was solidified when I watched Blood Sweat and Take-Aways both found on the discovery channel's planet green....


Anonymous said...

have you read Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food (I think that's what it's called)? If you have time, you might enjoy it.

regina said...

That is on the list too-but i have to plow through these from the library before i can take out more!