Monday, February 1, 2010

100 Mile Monday

Went to the market today sans children. Much easier to scout out prices with no children straining for the playground and cider donuts. Today I found a butter supplier! There is an older gentleman who sells a variety of items; mainly eggs and soups and some cheese. He made sure I knew he did the canning. "These are my jars, and they are all $8.00. Not a wife or a lady friend's jars, my jars." I was mostly interested in his butter as we are running low on our Costco supply, and because I am a sucker for good butter. I have been known to spend more money than necessary on KerryGold butter at our local greengrocer...

From this older man I bought a jar of pasta sauce for 8 bucks. I passed on the butter because we didn't need it yet, but I bought the sauce because we got into a conversation about canning, and his happy chickens and food in general; I felt bad about walking away empty handed but I wasn't paying $4.50 for a dozen eggs! I figure we will need the pasta sauce soon enough...

So today's haul bought 5 blue potatoes, 5 creamy red potatoes (and I don't mean little red potatoes for boiling, I mean red fleshed potatoes for making pink mashed potatoes) and 3 thick carrots from the potato lady. I don't remember the name of the farm but I will write it down next week. The potato lady is in her 50's and didn't grow up on a farm. In fact she divorced her first husband because he "just didn't get good food- he wouldn't eat blue potatoes because they were blue!"
Grand total on my potato haul? 5 bucks

I also bought a jar of apple cider molasses for $7.00. I like molasses and am intrigued by the apple cider base. I am not opening this jar though until our store bought runs out, and since the seller had only 3 jars left I figured I should get it while it was possible. I also bought black currant apple cider for $3.00

What else? oh 4 kaiser rolls for $2.00 and oyster mushrooms for 2 meals at $7.00 (they were 8 bucks per half pound)
Grand total of the Farmer's market trip? $32.00....The food should last us just under two weeks even with Jude starting solid food.

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