Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The knitting for christmas

I must put this somewhere so I actually do it (instead of continueally looking up new patterns). We shall see how many get done in the (gasp!) 8ish weeks until christmas...

For Mom: a cabled scarf but not as a scarf as a neck warmer- because she is a fan of turtlenecks

For Liz: it's something for E.T's room- though i do feel like i should get her something as it is the last year she will receive gifts (once you have kids you get nothing, but your kids get tons)

For Kathleen's Kids: Carmen: no idea yet
                                     Miles: maybe a hat and mittens? 
                                     Sophia: a backpack
These three kids are the hardest to buy/make for as I never see them and I don't know what they are into.

For Eileen's Kids: Megan: a cute little bag
                                 Sarah: knitted bookmarks and a floppy dog

For Matt's Kid: Liam: a hat and maybe scarf (it has to be chic though)

For Julie's Kids: Caleb: Dinosaur 
                              Gabrielle: Bunny 

For Danielle's Kids: Heather: same bag as megan
                                    Kyle: hand puppet dragon modeled 

Peg my mother in law: cabled scarf (but not as fancy as my mom's)

The other adults in my life are getting ornaments, and coasters, and washcloths.

I have other projects in mind for people I've never met.


Liz said...

Okay, no one told me about the "no gifts for you after kids" rule - who made that up?

regina said...

I don't know but I haven't gotten anything from siblings since joe was born. The kids get stuff, we don't though mommy usually does something small...

Liz said...

Sheesh, someone should've let me in on the rule about eight kids ago...