Saturday, July 25, 2009

What will today bring?

Will it bring a baby? John seems to think so. He woke up this morning, checked on Joe and came back to bed and said "I just had the weirdest sense of De-Ja Vu. I swear I dreamed all of this forever ago, but in the dream you had a baby in the bed with you, and the baby wasn't Joe. I think you will be in labor by tonight."

I didn't think anything of it though until I got up and went to the bathroom. There was definitely something mucousy in the bottom when I was done. Was it my mucous plug? or just more of the lovely (and by lovely I mean horribly gross) mucous that your body gets rid of when you are pregnant? I suppose only time will tell...

This is tough because I come from a family that puts stock in dreams. I remember my dad telling us that after his dad died, his mother had a dream that she was having tea with him. She died soon after. I can remember having the same sense of De-Ja Vu that John described this morning and the dreams coming true. So I will walk today, and maybe engage in some cervical softening activities, and eat lots of spicy food. And pack the hospital bag, and hope that tomorrow brings a baby. (because today brings Mother in Law's birthday)

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Liz said...

The version I heard is that she dreamed he was calling to her from the pearly gates, Daddy said he might be calling you but I doubt
he's in heaven...

Last night I dreamed we were at Andrew's wedding again, what does that mean?

I will wait by the phone for news from you (or will I hear it first on the blog?).