Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a year in photos

So even though I can't find/remember my winkflash i
d (this is cause for concern as all of my wedding photos and joe's first year on on there) I can now bring you a year (ok more than a year) in photos thanks to finding the cord for the camera, the wonders of Iphoto and the new computer....So let's start with the first birthday may 08
and move into the summer of 08- I can't believe how different Joe is from then to now. He
 seems so much older and it has only been a year.

The last one is by far my favorite photo of Joe and my dad that we have, granted we only have this one and one from when Joe was really little and both of them are asleep, but still I really like this photo.

We went to MA on our Fall Family Foliage Extravaganza and celebrated Halloween in style:

We had snow and Christmas and a first visit from my brother:

Saint Patrick's Day came and went, we had a second birthday and a hospital ER visit (not our first but still noteworthy) and we measured up against the dog.
And that pretty much sums up the time that I haven't been blogging.


Mary said...

It's seriously great to see what you guys have been up to. Checking into your blog lo these many silent months has been a lonely experience. (haha) And it's totally crazy how much Joe's grown since I saw him last year.

(As for online photo management: come to Flickr...experience the wonderment. You get a fair amount of uploading for free per month, and I think you could get by without a paid account on there, you don't upload tons of crap like I do.)

There's a lady in town (she lives next door to the building where I work) who has a dog who bears an uncanny resemblance to Cheda. I'll have to snap a picture sometime when I'm out & about with my camera and run into them...

regina said...

you would love his conversations now...he would make a good roadside attraction companion what with his love if bigness and dinosaurs and the random stuff that spews forth. this morning he told me there was an elephant upstairs (if you recall we live on the top floor)

it is cheda he is stalking you