Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a month of to-do

Finish knitting sweater for baby

Organize baby's room---------DONE

Go Costco shopping-----------------------DONE 
Freeze enough food for a month---------DONE with approx 17 lbs of assorted meat leftover
Organize play room so it can function as a place to play------DONE
Buy: Breast pump accessory kit, Baby Shampoo/washcloths, some sort of nursing coverup, maybe a new sling, batteries for aquarium thing, pads and witch hazel.-------- DONE except no new sling
Organize desk area so can function as desk area not just dumping ground- DONE though there is still a pile of crap on the dining room table.

Start thinking about what to knit for Liz's eventual child-----This will never be done since I have so many ideas and no clue how old child will be!

seems doable right? we shall see....


Mary said...

I'll be sending productive-yarncraft-vibes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Do you still need washcloths? Or a sling? Or any boys cloths? I've gotten rid of most of the unused or outgrown stuff (or I'd be offering you the accessory tubing kit that the hospital here hands out for free!), but let me know what's still on your list and if I have it I'll send it along.


regina said...

I wouldnt say i NEEED a sling (i have two i just want a new one because they are addictive) but oh lordy i would love to take clothes off your hands (we have some stuff from joe but they are just slightly off in season)
Thank you thank you thank you!