Wednesday, September 10, 2008


so many things have happened this summer that i want to write about and give pictures for but i am still unsure about my computer usage at work so i will keep it brief for a few more days-

first- i FINISHED my masters- i am now a masters of early childhood education with a concentration in museum studies. A mouthful yes but i am so happy to be done that it hurts

second- i got a job- i am working in a pretty well known (in brooklyn at least) preschool as an assistant teacher in a 3/4 year old classroom. the hours are wonderful as it is only a half day class and the kids are a hoot an a half; but dang am i tired!

These are the major updates, the summer was otherwise full of the beach and traveling to and from Long Island. I have so much more to say and I am forgetting all of it!

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Mary said...

Congrats on the masters, the job, and most importantly, the return to interwebbing. haha