Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I still don't know how much I weigh, as I never got around to buying a scale. But when  I put on my Step Dancing dress I didn't have to suck anything in, in order for it to be zippered up. I am taking this as a good sign.

We made a decision about baby making. We have been actively trying to not get pregnant since the babe was born. It involved charts and multiple calendars and more work than anyone should ever put into trying to not get pregnant. Sure I could take the pill, but I have not found one that doesn't make my mental state go wonky; or I could try an IUD but what is the point of getting something inserted that we will just want removed in a year or so? So we've been naturally preventing another child. But now we are going to let whatever happens happen. We are no longer actively preventing another baby from happening, and if the speed at which we didn't try the first time is any indication I will be pregnant soon enough.

It was hotter than Jesus this past week, and the babe was a mess of sweat. So in the span of a he went from this lovely little surfer boy look to this:I can see my family a little more in this version, but the reality is that that is wishful thinking as he is still the exact copy of the hubby when he was little.


Anonymous said...

this might be tmi, but I can tell you that even at the ripe old age that your big sis is, it only took 5 months of "non-prevention" for us, so for a young'un like yourself, perhaps tomorrow?

InventingLiz said...

I dunno, he still looks exactly like John to me, I don't see any of us...

And yes, it was definitely TMI - from both of you!


Mary said...

(So I should probably start crocheting a baby blanket, then? haha)

I shall miss the big ol' head of hair, but for the summer, the short cut looks a lot more comfortable. Besides, he can always grow it back out big & bouncy for winter.