Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Nocturnal

For the next few weeks my hubby is working nights, which means he is home and underfoot all day. Neither one of us can be considered neat and tidy, but when he isn't home I can contain the mess, or at least clean it up as it is made. But now with him asleep on the couch most of the morning nothing is getting done. It also doesn't help that the babe is getting two more teeth so is sleeping more during the day, and when not sleeping being a crank.
Today we all slept from 3pm until about 6pm (after a nap from 10am-12pm) and here it is midnight and where am I? On the couch watching bad t.v. Soon we will be a family of bats.
The good thing about having the hubby around during the day is that I can get some time to myself; the thing I've missed most about having a mobile child is that I can't sit and read for hours in a local coffee place. When the babe was a babe it was possible, but now he wants movement all the time, which is fine except for when I just want a cup of tea that I didn't make myself. It also means I can get to the gym without bringing the babe. We joined the local (ish) YMCA a few months ago, so we could use the pool; and I swore that I would use the rest of it to get rid of the last 10 pounds, that was close to 4 months ago and the 10 pounds are rapidly turning into 15 (Mr. softee is back now that the weather is nicer) So I am excited to go to the gym without wrangling the babe.

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