Friday, January 4, 2008

My friend Mary ( once said that 'if anyone needs a blog, it's you' in reference to a story I told her. The story was this:
Once a friend was having a bachelorette party and I was invited. It was to be a relatively tame affair involving a burlesque show and high class drinks at the Russian Vodka House. It should be noted that at the time of this affair I was about 3 months post partum, and hadn't been out without the babe yet.
The night started very sweetly with dinner, where I drank too much and may have had some other things that weren't so great for me...the burlesque show was amazing (though painful looking with the booby swinging and all) and the Vodka House was way to classy for me.
I sampled some dill infused vodka and wondered how i could market it to pregnant women (maybe remove the vodka but not just sell pickle juice somehow?) and as my head spun we left. There was a man outside looking to pick up passengers in his sleek black towncar, the price was right and i climbed in. When I told the Russian behind the wheel where i had been and what i had been doing he told me "No you need to go to real vodka house, come i take you." And he literally pulled the car around to the Vodka House across the street- the even more fancy one owned by Mikhail Baryshnikov. The ride around the block took all of 3 minutes and as we drove the man behind the wheel kept saying "no you'll like there is gypsies with music, come we dance and drink before going home to babies."
And we did. We danced with gypsies and I sipped glasses of water in between vodka samples. The hubs called me at about 4am asking where the extra diapers were and my night with the Russians ended. The man behind the wheel took me home (the whole way telling me we had to go to another vodka house in Brooklyn) as steady as the day he was born, while I tried to keep awake.

That was awhile ago. tonight I contemplated going to bed at 8 even though the babe is at grams' house, and I can't figure out if that makes me officially an old married mom or just tired.


Mary said...

And see? I was totally right about that being blog-worthy. haha

Richard Spartos said...

I'm digging the blog. I like it. Short and sweet.
Gypsy Wodka House, huh? Where abouts?