Monday, January 14, 2008


well it is monday which means Gymboree for me and the babe. I went to Gymboree with kids i nannied for and it was full of other nannies; the Gymboree near our house is full of moms. It is hard for me to go to Gymboree, I am the youngest mom there (and my ass doesn't seem to have expanded as much as the other women's either) and my kid is pretty active. At 8 months he is a full crawler, and he cruises on anything he can pull up on; he doesn't to sit still to listen to the songs, and he is too young to really play "head shoulders knees and toes" Sooo he crawls all over gettting into the other babies' faces while i sit kind of embarassed about it.
There is one baby who my babe loves. This kid is the one hispanic kid in the class (and that also makes him the only 'minority' kid in the class) and the babe LOVES him. As soon as we get there the babe crawls over to the kid (lets call him Paco for the sake of anominity) and they race around the play area, one leading the other into all sorts of places they shouldn't be. Paco's dad, the only dad in the class, plays with the two of them encouraging to them to race up the ramps etc and Paco's mom and I chat. Bit by bit i am learning about this family (though i don't know the parents' names) and slowly revealing our story as well.Who would have thought the son of a person who spent the last 7 years of her life studying the 'Other', would make the 'Other' his first pal?
The babe seems to have made his first friend but i can't seem to get 'in' with other moms. I can't figure out why it is so hard for me to connect with these women, they are all very nice and the kids are all about the same age so why can't i figure out how to navigate these mommy waters?

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Richard Spartos said...

i'm sure the other moms are jealous of you not having an expanded ass...