Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bob Barsky

First i should admit that i really enjoy bad television; horrible reality shows in the vein of America's Next Top Model, and When Animals Attack often fill up our DVR list. I also really like television from my youth. Kate and Allie is on the WE channel in the early afternoons and i got re hooked on it when the babe was little. I really enjoyed this show when i was younger and it hasn't lost its' appeal. So now i DVR it and watch it over tea while the babe sleeps.
But i am troubled. The Bob Barsky character, a retired football star turned radio announcer who Allie eventually marries, has shown up in the early episodes three times so far. and none of those times was he Bob Barsky. Today he was the ex lover of some cooking lady, last week i believe he was dating Kate, and I've seen him as some other random bit character.
This troubles me because it makes me feel like the writers/casting people doubted that they had a hit on their hands; as if they thought no one who watched the early episodes would watch the later ones and think "what a minute, i've seen that guy before" or these writers/casting people thought the audience were moronic.
I wish i could find a video of Bob as these multiple characters, or even remember his actual name...but all YouTube has is promos and the wonderful lesbian episode.


Mary said...

I hate it when they do that. On the one hand, it's nice that the actor gets a steadier role later on & all...but it's so weirdly jarring, for some reason. It happened a couple of times on Gilmore Girls...seems like it has on some other shows I like, too. It makes me feel all Twilight Zone-y.

Susie said...

aka Susannah

I'm so glad you have a blog!
I was also a big Kate and Allie fan... Bob Barsky was played by a guy named Sam Freed!